SPY Mouse Puts a Line Drawing Twist on Secret Agent Stealth

Firemint rose to fame as a mobile developer with its now classic line-drawing, puzzle and strategy game Flight Control. Now following its acquisition by Electronic Arts, the company has taken this game mechanic and adapted it to a new genre: stealth action.

In SPY Mouse ($0.99), players are Agent Squeak, a secret operative with a very specific (and fitting) mission: infiltrate homes, steal cheese and escape without being caught by pesky house cats. This gameplay is viewed from an overhead perspective, with hand-drawn art used to depict the homes’ interiors, Squeak and his antagonists. Players draw paths for Squeak to follow using their finger and must attempt to avoid patrolling cats – sneaking behind them, taking cover behind walls and even waiting for them to fall asleep.

There are a variety of mechanics to utilize, including color-coded mouse hole entrances and exits and toy mice that can be used to spring mousetraps and liberate the sacred cheese. Levels sometimes include hidden areas in which Squeak can pick up bonus cheese to boost the player’s score. Bonuses are also awarded for finishing levels without being spotted by the cats, completing the levels using only one continuous line and finishing under a certain time limit. Some levels introduce new gameplay, such as luring a cat-driven killbot into crashing and tailing a cat through an alleyway without being spotted.

Loading up the game nearby other players gives users the ability to add them as friends. Gathering more friends allows players to unlock additional content. If players find any of the game’s 72 levels to difficult, they can buy an in-app purchase – a cat named Kiska that rids the level of all cats – for $0.99.

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