Sprint/Walsh Wireless Automobile Big Brother Powered by Sprint 3G

I realize that “privacy is dead” and that everyone and everything done is scrutinized these days. But, is it just me or does this announcement have an “Big Brother” overtone that overshadows the interesting technology behind it?

Sprint and Walsh Wireless Launch M2M Device to Drive Usage-Based Insurance for Vehicles

The “Big Brother” aspect appears up front at the end of the first paragraph:

Drivers could see a reduction in their premiums by being rewarded for low mileage and/or safe driving habits. The Walsh Data Logger provides the ability to wirelessly monitor in real-time the performance of a vehicle, its location and the driver’s driving pattern through an easy-to-use, self-installed device.

Yes it does appear to be aimed more at fleet vehicle situations where drivers in general will probably benefit from having a bit of oversight placed on vehicle fleets. But, how long will it be until auto insurance companies require these monitoring devices in private vehicles in order to obtain drivers insurance?