Sprint Relay ID Pack for Android Users in the Hearing Impaired Communities

Sprint ID Packs are bundles of applications, widgets, weblinks and media (such as wallpaper) for Android smartphones and tablets that focuses on interest areas such as sports, Disney, auto enthusiasts and business. Sprint announced a new ID Pack this week focused on the deaf and hard of hearing communities.

Sprint marks major milestone in mobile communications with launch of Relay ID Pack

The Relay ID Pack includes:

– Sprint Mobile Video Relay Services – video relay services for sign language users
– Calendar Notifier – provides visual alerts and repeating reminders of calendar events
– Handcent SMS – visual alerts and notifications of texts
– VideoPlayer – captions on videos downloaded to a secure digital (SD) card
– Gmail Notifier – visual and vibrating alerts and reminders for your gmail email
– TuneWiki – to read and learn the lyrics to songs
– Captionfish.com – captioned movies playing in a customer’s area
– AIM Instant Messenger – access telephone relay services through AIM Buddy “SprintIP”
– Google Voice – transcribe audio messages left on voice mail into text

You can learn more about Sprint ID and the variety of Packs defined for it at:

What’s Sprint ID?