Sprint Nextel Subscribers to Decide TV Character’s Fate

Sprint Nextel subscribers who are fans of Telemundo’s racy telenovela, “Sin Senos No Hay Paraiso,” are being asked to decide the fate of one character, RCR Wireless News reports, in an interesting tactic that’s a step above the usual American Idol-style text voting.

The report said that Telemundo will produce three videos representing different caminos, or paths, for Catalina, the protagonist of Sprint Nextel subscribers get exclusive access to the short video clips for four days, after which regular online users will also get to see them and vote for a week. Once viewers choose a path by mid-December, the cast of the show will have very little time to begin filming new episodes based on the fans’ choice.

“We were looking at how to get the audience more engaged,” said Peter Blacker, Telemundo’s executive VP for digital media and emerging businesses, in the report. “What if we let them interact with the story line and had a [marketer] partner be that bridge? It’s perfect for a mobile device.”