Spring Training Fever? Download These Baseball Apps

With baseball spring training just days away, these user-friendly apps for the iPhone and Android operating system will help you keep tabs on your favorite players and teams throughout the season, and let you act on your own major-league fantasies.

Baseball Manager 2010

iPhone, download from iTunes, $4.99

Take baseball simulation to a new level with Baseball Manager 2010, an app that can only be described as “fantasy baseball meets The Sims.” Pick your favorite team from two leagues, and then manage their every move from spring training all the way to the World Series (hopefully!). You get to pick and trade your players, negotiate contracts, and choose your lineup game by game. You’ll be thrown the occasional wrench when a player is injured, or stolen by another team. But ultimately, you control the game because you’re privy to detailed info about your players’ skills, stats and contracts. This easy-to-use app gives you a glimpse at every detail of team management, and if you don’t like your current job, you can check out the app’s jobs market to see which ball clubs might have an opening for you. However, play your cards right or your owner can fire you! The app also features…

– Custom training schedules for teams and players
– Ability to negotiate player contracts and manage team finances
– Reports from scouts about other teams in your league
– Reports from trainers on player injuries
– Helps and tips within the game for smarter play
-Real-time stats, scores and more

Baseball Superstars 2010

download from iTunes, $5.99

The sequel to the extremely popular Baseball Superstars 2009, this game has improved its batting capabilities, and is difficult enough that it feels like real baseball (virtually speaking). You’ll experience authentic roleplay feel as you bat, pitch and field your way to the World Series. With six modes of play (Exhibition, My League, Season, Homerun Race, Mission, and Match Play), you can experience everything from friendly “promo” games to hardcore bouts. You generate the players on your team – which is fun and creative – but it can take some effort before they perform the way you want. The fun comes when you simultaneously compete in batter and pitcher mode, using two separate players! Training mode lets you improve your characters’ skills throughout the season. The more you win, the more you improve, but things can go south quickly. The game does not have a Major League Baseball license, so it lacks the excitement of affiliation. This, however, does not diminish the lure of America’s favorite game.

My BaseBall Bat Stats and My BaseBall Pitch Stats

Android, download from Androidzoom.com, $0.99 each

These highly popular apps let you track batting and pitching data and stats anywhere, at any time. Smart and easy to use, the app can store data for multiple games and teams, and lets you change data and view stats throughout the season, letting you track player and team trends.

Whether you’re following your favorite major-league team, or your own little-league player, My BaseBall Pitch Stats lets you keep tabs on batting averages, on-base percentages, and ERAs. The app also teaches you to calculate averages and stats for each player, and alerts you to common mistakes that may be bringing averages down. With this app, you can track a season’s worth of games, or just one game at a time.

Tell us, what apps are you using with the iPhone and the Android to keep up with your favorite ball clubs? Comment below and keep us in the know!