Spredfast Introduces Intelligence For Smart Social Marketing

Intelligence is a new a new tool designed to inform marketing strategy, measure performance and provide competitive analysis.


One of the biggest challenges associated with big data is uncovering context and relevancy. On social media, context and relevancy also mean in real time. But there’s a growing trend among social marketing platforms to provide marketers with tools that put big social media data into context.

Today, social media management platform Spredfast — a Facebook Marketing Partner — announced today the launch of Intelligence, a new tool designed to inform marketing strategy, measure performance and provide competitive analysis.

Intelligence indexes “the firehose” — as the overwhelming stream of social data has become known — from Twitter and Tumblr, and provides real time trends for Twitter and Facebook. These insights enable brands to discover and predict trends, and act quickly to engaging with audiences with relevant and timely content.

Hyatt used Spreadfast’s platform to enable the hotel concierge to respond to growing demand on Twitter. The average response time from brands on social media is more than 11 hours, and even the best in class brands are doing well to respond within 30 minutes, according to the Social Sprouts 2014 analysis of the Intrabrand 100. Still, @HyattConcierge set out to respond to followers on Twitter in 10 minutes or less.

According to the Spredfast case study, Hyatt reduced its original response time by nearly 50 percent, increased the total number of answers to social media queries, and boosted productivity related to responding to customers on social media 180 percent.

Spredfast Intelligence also enables brands to:

  • Identify influencers and competitors and who’s sharing links to the site
  • Predict conversation behaviors, and who is driving the trend on a brand, campaign hashtag
  • compare and analyse social data on Tumblr and Twitter by searching virality, volume and origin

According to Ran Coa, social media campaign manager for Playstation:

Spredfast Intelligence surfaces critical data in a quick, playful interface. It saves valuable time when reporting on the impact of our efforts and makes it easy to dissect and gather insights to inform our strategy.