Spreading STD Awareness on Facebook

Back at the end of January, a company that had technology that could morph faces together decided to launch an application. As expected, the application has done decently with close to 60,000 installs. Last week, the American Social Health Association sent out a press release announcing a formal partnership with the application team to spread awareness about STDs. The partnership provides a great example of a successful campaign on Facebook.

As soon as you morph two faces and send it, your friends will receive a copy of the image in addition to a notification that they have unfortunately received chlamydia. The goal is to spread awareness. Honestly, I think this is a great example of a smart partnership for getting the word out about an organization and a cause online. Frequently we see crappy ads on a number of Facebook applications. Instead, it’s frequently much better for brands to partner with those applications then to build their own.

There are a number of examples of this including some movie launches. That’s what the company Apps Savvy is focused on. They are working with large brands to help the expand their reach through existing applications on the Facebook platform. I’ll be interviewing Chris Cunningham, the founder of the company, later this week to discuss how brands are benefiting from such partnerships and what types of CPMs developers are seeing.

Getting your brand out on Facebook is extremely challenging. While larger media companies and large brands can frequently afford to build their own application and pay for an initial user base to install the application, most companies don’t have the luxury of a lot of free cash on hand. As such, making an investment in branded partnerships with applications can prove lucrative. Check out the video below to see how the Morph Monkey partnership worked for the American Social Health Association.

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