Spotify Launches ‘Year in Music’ Highlighting 2015 Listening Habits

The Year in Music allows each user to view trends from their 2015 Spotify listening activity.

Spotify users can now take a trip down memory lane by viewing stats from their ‘Year in Music’ for 2015. Spotify has analyzed each user’s individual listening habits to discover their top artists, songs and genres for the year, among other stats.

Users can view their stats at the 2015 Year in Music website. Once they connect to their Spotify account, users will see the first song they played in 2015, as well as their top overall songs, artists and genres for the year. The stats include each user’s top artists for each season (winter, spring, summer and fall), and also highlight the total number of individual artists and songs users listened to, and the total amount of time they spent listening to music on Spotify this year.

In addition, the site allows users to create a Year in Music card for their stats, which can be shared on social media.

Outside of highlighting each user’s listening habits, the Year in Music website also recognizes listening trends across the entire Spotify community in 2015. For example, this includes the worldwide spike in streams of One Direction songs following Zayn Malik‘s departure from the group earlier this year (a 330 percent increase). Each trend is accompanied by a fitting song playlist.

Finally, Spotify has created a ‘Play it Forward’ playlist for each user, which contains songs users may enjoy based on their 2015 activity.

Readers: What was your top Spotify track for 2015?