Spotify and Tinder Want to Help Connect Users Through Their Musical Tastes

Love in a time of swiping has a new tune

For single music lovers everywhere, there's now even less of a need to talk to a girl (or a guy) wearing headphones.

Spotify is teaming up with Tinder to integrate the music-streaming service into the single-swiping service as a way for users to showcase their music preferences in their dating profile. The music/dating match, announced today, allows users to include a "personal anthem" that shows each person's top artists. In a blog post Spotify said the feature could be a way to "make a little music with someone new."

"It's that one single track that tells your story. That one song you can't get out of your head," according to Spotify. "Where the lyrics of your life meet the rhythm of your soul. It may change as you change, but at any given time, you have an anthem—and the world is waiting to hear it."

It's not the first time Spotify has tried its hand at musical match-making. For Valentine's Day, it matched agency staffers in cities around the world based on an analysis of music preferences.

Users will be able to connect their Spotify account through their Tinder profile settings before selecting their favorite artists to display. The feature is available starting today in the 59 countries where Spotify is available. (In the words of everyone's favorite swooner, "It's as easy as lovers go.")

Here's a video explaining how musical Tindering will work. 

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