Sports PR Execs Debate Effectiveness of Mark McGwire’s Quick Confessional Tour

Mark McGwire Winter Warmup Interview from on Vimeo.

A little over a week since Mark McGwire sat down with MLB Network’s Bob Costas to begin his “I used steroids while breaking baseball’s home record” confessional tour, the baseball star is trying to get back to his previous stance of not wanting to talk about the past. Sports PR executives debated the media strategy in Sports Business Daily:

Sports and entertainment marketing and communications consultant Joe Favorito praised the decision to lead with the AP and follow with Costas. “It was a very good way to manage the news cycle and get the main message — about the use of steroids — out very clearly,” he said. But MGP & Associates President Mike Paul disagreed with the approach. “I don’t think a one-day-and-done strategy ever works,” he said. “Not in politics and especially not in sports and entertainment. If McGwire were my client, I would have had the exact opposite strategy.”

As Kevin Kaduk of Yahoo! Sports writes, “No way are the local writers going to let a couple of hand-picked interviewers ask the first and final questions about McGwire’s steroid use, nor should they.”

The proof is in the pudding. As one can see via the above video of McGwire fielding questions from the media this past Sunday in St. Louis, he clearly is giving off a terrified “deer in headlights” look, as opposed to a confident one.

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