Sponsored Tweets Worth $63 To $134 On Average [SURVEY]

You know those tweets from celebrities, bloggers, and other influencers that seem to be hocking some product or another? Well, that’s exactly what they’re doing – and it has the potential to become big business.

Sponsored tweets are part of a fast-growing trend in social media. Increasingly, advertisers are teaming up with publishers to get the word out about their product or brand, with 62.8 percent of publishers reportedly receiving some sort of payment for a post on social media in 2011. Read more about the state of social media sponsorship below.

Conducted by IZEA, a social media sponsorship company, the State of Social Media Sponsorship report surveyed nearly 4,000 individuals (including marketers, bloggers, Twitter users and more) about their experience with sponsorship.

Sponsorship of social media accounts is becoming quire mainstream. In 2010, 57.6 percent of respondents said that they had been paid for some type of social media posting such as a tweet; in 2011, this number jumped to 62.8 percent. And publishers of a social media stream are eager to monetize, whether through sponsorships or not: 91.1 percent said that they currently, or would in the future, monetize their social media efforts through any means.

Interestingly, Twitter publishers and advertisers place quite a different value on a sponsored tweet. Publishers saw a sponsored tweet as worth $134 on average, while advertisers saw it as only being worth $63. As the report explains, this discrepancy reflects the inability of either publishers or advertisers to pinpoint the real value of marketing efforts on Twitter. It is still a new medium for business, and prices of sponsored tweets will likely stabilize over time.

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