Sponsor Homemade Horror with Nyctophobia 2011

One of the simple pleasures in life is the homemade haunted house — the ordinary building that is lovingly converted to a seasonal place of terror. Eric Striffler, the man behind the Nyctophobia 2011 Kickstarter project, would agree with me when I say that, without committed haunted house makers, the world (specifically during the month of October) would be a lot less interesting place.

Nyctophobia Haunted House 2011 is a definite passion project. Striffler first put on Nyctophobia last year, funding the entire affair out of his own pocket and maintaing a free entry policy that funnelled as many people as possible into the Long Island attraction. After the success — and financial loss — involved with his previous venture he’s looking to do it again, this time with a little help from fans of his work.

The 2010 Nyctophobia made visitors travel through a dark path completely alone, running into spooks and shocks until coming out on the other side. Striffler self-funded the event as an experiment and, after receiving rave reviews, now looks to make Nyctophobia an annual, paid-admission event.

His Kickstarter project’s modest $25,000 goal will go toward once again inflicting nightmares on hapless attendees. Money is required for physical set-up (construction, building rental, equipment rental, etc.) as well as payment for the workers and actors involved in making Nyctophobia come to life.

To read up on Striffler himself, click here. For Nyctophobia info. (or to make a pledge) head over to the project’s Facebook, Twitter or Kickstarter page. Nyctophobia Haunted House 2011 will be funded on Friday, May 13th at noon EST if the $25,000 goal is met.