SPMD Salesforce launches Radian6 Buddy Media Social Studio, PMD ShopIgniter a partner


The Salesforce ExactTarget Marketing Cloud, a Facebook Strategic Preferred Marketing Developer, announced today the launch of the Radian6 Buddy Media Social Studio. This collaboration is a single platform for social marketing, engagement, publishing and analytics.

Additionally, PMD ShopIgniter was chosen as one of the launch partners — along with Getty Images, Kontera, Nexgate, Pressly, Rallyverse, Shutterstock, and Trendpottr.

Salesforce explained the Radian6 Buddy Media Social Media Studio in a press release:

Social is increasingly a crucial part of the marketing mix. However, as social matures, teams are more distributed, and cannot work together effectively. They are using offline or disconnected tools that are inefficient and prone to error. As a result, companies are not executing an optimized, coordinated strategy – which means at best they are missing opportunities to drive results, and at worst they are confusing customers and hurting their brand. Today, marketers need to scale social content marketing, engagement, publishing and analytics between employees and teams.

The studio platform can help brands configure workspaces and organize teams by region or group, as well as manage content calendars rich with data. It can also help create and schedule content for Facebook, Twitter and other social sites, allowing brands to compose content specific to each audience. The Radian6Buddy Media Social Studio also allows companies to monitor and respond to conversation surrounding the brand and track analytics of campaigns, groups of posts or any particular post.

Marcel LeBrun, SVP, Products, ExactTarget Marketing Cloud, wrote about the launch in a blog post:

The ExactTarget Marketing Cloud is the customer platform for 1:1 marketing—making it possible for marketers to create a single view of every customer, manage the customer journey, and deliver optimized content on every channel and every device. It empowers brands to connect with customers in entirely new ways through email, mobile, social, web, and even connected products.

This has never been more important as now every company has an opportunity to connect to customers in entirely new ways through the next generation of devices, apps, and products. The world is changing—there will soon be 50 billion connected devices on the Internet of Things. Knowing that behind every device is a customer, it is really an Internet of Customers. That’s why managing customer relationships is more important than ever before. Every company now has an opportunity to connect to customers in entirely new ways through the next generation of devices, apps, and products.

Matt Compton, CEO of ShopIgniter, described how the company will contribute:

It’s clear that social media marketing is about engaging key audiences in mobile and driving high-value brand and business outcomes. That’s why we are delighted to be a Radian6 Buddy Media Social Studio Partner, as together, these technologies offer marketers the ability to tap into a wide spectrum of capabilities and data that creates rich and compelling user experiences designed to engage and convert lifelong customers.