Sploidus Interruptus

It’s official, and we’re officially sad: Choire Sicha, one half of the shift-memoing-day-drinking-exclamation-point-using-free-associating-headline-generating-web-scouring-breaking-news-crack-smoking editorial team, is leaving Sploid.

Sicha is set to join The New York Observer, leaving behind co-editor Ken Layne and Gawker Media, his employer since August 2003.

You can almost feel the heartbreak in Choire’s au revoir to Ken and in Ken’s brave response. The pain was so naked, it almost felt invasive reading it. The pair, together since Sploid’s launch, has now been rent asunder. It’s only been 6 weeks but it feels like 42 days. Sigh.

Well, at least we’ll be able to find Choire in the peachy-pink pages of the Observer. In the meantime, Ken, if you keep on addressing those one-way Shift Memos to Choire, we’ll understand. We’ll all understand.

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