Splashtop: Clever Pricing Campaign for a Clever iPad Remote PC Access App

Splashtop sells an iPad utility app that lets you remotely work with a Windows or Mac desktop form an iPad. It is one of those apps that I found interesting but not willing to part with $9.99 just to see if it worked to my satisfaction.

Splashtop Remote Desktop for iPad

During the long U.S. Memorial Day weekend, Splashtop Inc., like many other developers, loweed the price of their app from $9.99 to a mere 99 cents. I was willing to part with 99 cents and bought a copy to try myself. A lot of other people felt the same way because the app climbed the charts to reach the number one position in Apple’s top chart for paid apps. Splashtop did something interesting after the Memorial Day weekend too: They raised the price of the app but not back to its original $9.99 price. It is currently still on sale for $1.99. This is double the price of the weekend sale but still substantially lower than its original price. The somewhat surprising result is that the app is still number one in the paid apps top chart beating out TETRIS for iPad, GarageBand, SimCity Deluxe for iPad and all thee Angry Birds versions (Angry Birds Seasons HD dropped out of the top ten).

The Splashtop app itself works as advertised based on my tests using it with a Windows 7 notebook PC. You need to download and install the free Splashtop driver for Microsoft Windows or Apple Mac OS X before you get started. Network detection of the PC on a local network was reasonably fast. Network access is password protected. The app defaults to the iPad’s 1024 by 768 pixel resolution. You can see the display change on the Windows PC to reflect this. You can change it up or down if you wish. The iPad’s on-screen keyboard pops up when you need to type. Splashtop intelligently pushes the Windows (or Mac) display up if the text area is in the lower part of the display.

I probably will not use Splashtop regularly. However, for 99 cents (the Memorial Day long weekend price), it was well worth the purchase to have it in my iPad toolbox.