Spin the Agencies of Record

“One chord is fine. Two chords are pushing it. Three chords and you’re into jazz.” – Lou Reed

Workhouse Public Relations has been chosen as the PR/marketing AOR for Genesis Publications, a publisher of limited-edition books. Its first project will be to promote the launch of Transformer, a book/record package documenting the period from 1972 to 1980 that began with the titular album and helped establish Lou Reed’s solo career via “Satellite of Love” and his biggest hit, “Walk on the Wild Side”. (If you’re too young to know that tune, just click right here. You’re welcome.)

Most rock freaks probably remember this as the time when the Warhol groupie flirted with cross-dressing under the heavy influence of David Bowie, who was still stuck in his glam phase; we’re amazed that Reed remembers anything at all.

Longtime photographer Mick Rock also participated in the book/record project, as did designer John Varvatos due to his obvious infatuation with Reed’s gender-bending style. The launch happened on October 3rd at Varvataos’ Bowery Boutique, which was previously known as CBGC or “the most disgusting rock club in all of New York City.”

Tech innovation company GlassesOff  has chosen M&C Saatchi PR as its AOR in preparing for a fourth quarter product launch.

The product in question will be “next generation vision sharpness applications” for iPhone and iPad designed to help adults over 40 who have experienced naturally-occuring vision loss avoid depending on reading glasses (unless they want to read something on paper).

We have no idea how the apps would work, but we trust M&C Saatchi SVP Sandra Carreon-John when she says “The company executives are people of science, who have developed a great product based on decades of research in neuroplasticity.”

Welch’s (the grape guys) has chosen Ketchum as its PR AOR. Welch’s CMO Matthew Wohl says the company picked Ketchum out of a lineup due to its “tremendous depth in the agriculture space”, which it will use to promote the fact that non-alcoholic grape juice can taste just as good as its more famously fermented cousin.

Chief Furry Officer, which easily wins the contest for “best pet food company name ever”, has signed Whitegate PR as its social media agency of record. Whitegate specializes in all things pets so of course it was a natural fit for the brand. Our advice: post lots of pictures like this one.

Universal Technical Institute has chosen Brownstein Group as its PR AOR. The press release names UTI as “the leading provider of post-secondary education for students seeking careers as professional automotive, diesel, collision repair, motorcycle and marine technicians”. Brownstein has worked with the group in a regional capacity since 2012 to drive awareness of its Exton, Pennsylvania campus and will now work on nationwide social media campaigns, media relations, event planning, etc. to get the word out.

Cordillera Ranch of Texas has chosen Buffalo Communications for PR work. Cordillera is a bit like Vegas outside San Antonio, offering residents a private community with luxury golf experiences as well as “rod and gun, river, equestrian, spa-athletic, social and tennis/swim” clubs along with easy access to shopping centers, hill country landscapes and a friendly place to escape from the outside world.