Spin for Virtual Winnings in OMG! Fortune on Facebook

fortune 650

LuckyFish Games’ OMG! Fortune has drawn in over one million players on Facebook, as social and casual gamers dream of earning a virtual fortune on the game’s many machines. Rather than focusing on just traditional slot machines, the game’s machines offer a higher variety. A fortune teller-themed machine, for instance, sees arrows spiraling around a circle to pick random symbols, while another machine sees birds hatching from eggs that fall from the top of the screen. These unique machines join some traditional machines, like one based on high-city living.

Each machine offers a few customization options, like the ability to raise or lower the maximum bet amount. Some machines also offer auto-play of up to 150 spins at a time.

Machines offer bonus games, which are triggered at random. In our previous example, the Fortune Teller machine asks players to choose pieces of an outfit to dress an angel. Each piece of clothing has been randomly assigned a monetary value, but if players accidentally hit the “Game Over” symbol, the mini-game ends and they’re assigned the winnings they managed to gather.

Players earn experience points for each virtual coin they spend in the game, and will unlock additional slot machines as they reach higher and higher levels. Players are encouraged to invite their friends to play, and will frequently win free coin bundles if they stay loyal to the game.

LuckyFish Games prides itself on customer support, saying customer service is always available by Facebook message and a support email. It says all consumer inquiries are answered within 24 hours or less.

OMG! Fortune is available to play for free on Facebook. Players are encouraged to like the game’s fan page for frequent free promotions, including free coins.