Spin for Good: Play slot machine tournaments to raise money for charity


As the social casino genre continues to grow in popularity, Spin for Good looks to provide players with more than just entertainment in a virtual slot machine. Instead, the Spin for Good platform allows users to donate to charities of their choosing, by playing in tournaments where those charities receive the winnings.

So far, the Spin for Good platform has partnered with WonderWork, PEER International, the Music Resource Center and more.

The site offers silver and gold level tournaments, with buy-in rates of $5 or $20, respectively. Users can donate using their PayPal account or major credit card, with their donation being added to the total prize pool for that current tournament. Players then take to the slot machines with their chips, working to earn as many additional credits as they can before the tournament ends.

At the end of the tournament, the highest ranking players receive the right to choose which charities receive a portion of that prize pool. The higher the player, the bigger the portion of the pool offered to the charity, with the actual percentage being determined by how many entries exist in the current tournament. That is, a tournament with 12 entries sees the top player / charity granted 50 percent of the prize pool, while a 100-person tournament gives the top player / charity 20 percent of the pool.

In addition to charity options, the Spin for Good platform also allows free play, where users can enter tournaments to play the game for fun, but without charitable donations as a factor.

For more information or to enter your own tournament, head to Spin for Good’s website.