Sphere No Longer Here for AOL News

AOL News is AOL News again, and Sphere was jettisoned into the stratosphere, as an AOL tipster told Silicon Alley Insider that CEO Tim Armstrong was no fan of branding the news site Sphere.

AOL announced in November that the name of its blog-content engine would change from Sphere to Surphace, and that the main page for AOL News would be rebranded as Sphere, but the Sphere URL is automatically redirecting Web surfers to AOL News.

As reported by Silicon Alley Insider, the official explanation, from the AOL News About Us page:

Welcome to AOL News. Over the last few months, we’ve overhauled our site and we’ve built a news operation that relies far less on wire reports and focuses on original reporting, analysis, and commentary.

We’ve been featuring those stories on Sphere.com, a site designed to showcase our exclusive stories. Our coverage on Sphere was received with such positive attention that we’ve decided to fold it all into AOL News, a site we hope will become the place you go for news, analysis and opinion.