Spelling check

A judge has tossed the defamation claim filed by Aaron Spelling against his former nursemaid, who is suing Spelling alleging he sexually harrassed her and asked her to “dress like hooker.” The judge did allow Mr. 90210 to pursue a breach-of-contract charge, however. hook.jpg.jpgspelling_aaron.jpg

Fascinatingly, per the AP, Spelling’s ex-nurse, Charlene Richards and her attorney sent letters to more than 600 actresses as well as their agents and managers, inquiring whether Spelling had sexually harassed them. Spelling argued that the letter titled, “Survey on sexual harassment by Aaron Spelling,” defamed him.

We’re struck by the callousness of Richards’ move: Imagine the devastating psychological ramifications of being a middle aged actress in Hollywood and NOT getting her sexual harrassment survey in the mail. I mean, they’re TV actresses.

Indeed, all over Hollywood, the same conversation is being had by fifty-something guest stars just back from an empty mailbox:

What?! Suddenly I’m not hot enough for Spelling to sexually harrass me? Aaron Spelling would kill for a chance to ask me to dress like a hooker! I can’t believe I didn’t get a call-back!”