Spell Souls is a New Social Game from Simple Lifeforms – Step Aside Potter

What is Spell Souls? It’s a new social game from Simple Lifeforms that’s very different from anything the company has produced in the past. To date, very little information has been revealed about it. But from what we do know, it appears to be an interesting (and free) game that combines both strategy and social game play.

Built for Facebook and MySpace, the developers describe it as a “magical dueling game.” The premise: Each player is a wizard, sorcerer, or shaman who competes in an ancient ritual contest known as Spell Souls.

Players are placed on opposite sides of an arena. They cast spells on each other, while summoning the souls of friends to capture magical points called “Orbs.” Whomever first captures the Orbs controls the arena and wins the match. Players will then care for their souls after they create them. They will develop their abilities, equip them with items, and grow their team as they acquire a greater reputation. Eventually, they can compete in larger, more grand settings.

Unlike many social games that only “tangentially [involve] your friends as a means to promote the game,” Spell Souls is looking to foster greater competition and community as a primary element in the design, says Tadhg Kelly, game designer for Spell Souls.

Competition is direct between players, who may be friends or strangers. As any game designer should know, creating viable challenges is one of the most powerful driving forces in the fun-factor of any game. If there is any one way to create an exciting challenge, it is by going toe-to-toe with living, breathing, human opponents.

This game also looks to involve players into a number of community activities. These include inventing spells and items for your fellow Magi to use. Ideally, this should foster online relationships that allow people to chat and play with others who share similar ideas and interests. Of course, this is merely the tip of the iceberg: Lifeforms has stated that it intends to further expand the game with more social mechanisms.

Spell Souls has been in development for a number of months. While it’s not quite ready for release, the creators are looking to start Beta testing it within the next 2-3 weeks, for a scheduled launch during the summer. The beta will be available through the Spell Souls website, where the company will be soliciting player feedback.