SoundCloud for iPad: Create & Share Mini-Podcasts. Storage is Limited, However

All Things D refers to SoundCloud as a music service. But, it is really more like Twitter for audio. SoundCloud lets you record audio and then distribute it via its web page, email, Facebook or Twitter. You could also think of it as a kind of mini-podcast creation and distribution service. Up to 120 minutes of audio can be stored under the free SoundCloud plan. This is a total storage limit, not a monthly one. So, SoundCloud only makes sense for short audio snippets.

SoundCloud Lands on the iPad, Waits for Other Music Services to Join It There

Once recorded, audio on SoundCloud can be shared using Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr. As you can see in the second screenshot here, a still photo can be associated with each SoundCloud audio clip. Here you see a photo and a SoundCloud web audio player in my Facebook status.

The new iPad app lets you follow other SoundCloud users (like Twitter). You can also use the app to record your own audio clips and take a photo to associate with it. Posting an audio clip to my Facebook page was simple. However, the limited storage may limit the usefulness of the service. More storage can be purchased on a monthly or annual basis. However, this can become somewhat expensive compared to conventional podcasting services. For example, 240 minutes is available for 29 Euros per year. Prices escalate from their all the way up to unlimited storage for 500 Euros per year.

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