Sony’s ‘Smart Glasses’ Prove the Wearable Revolution Will Not Be Televised

THIS is the best they could do?!

If Google can’t do it, then surely Sony can. Right?

Maybe not…

We would go over how awkward our alien/Anne Hathaway-in-training looks in this “ad,” but it’s painfully obvious…

For context, Google Glass turned out to be a dud despite inspiring some interesting multimedia ad campaigns. And while a recent Waggener Edstrom market study told us that “wearables” are here to stay, we’re fairly certain they won’t look anything like that Star Trek circa 1989 relic.

Star Trek

This morning, reports quoted Sony’s CEO stating that film, music, games, and “devices” would be key drivers of its profitability over the next three years.

If the latter category includes the “SmartEyeglasses” that various tech writers trashed this morning, Mr. Hirai may be disappointed when 2018 arrives.

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