Sony Is Targeting Influencers’ Real-Life Friends

It's employing Pursway's system

Pursway claims it can tap into Facebook and other social nets to target email, direct mail and social media messages to the family and friends of influential buyers. Its platform, launched today and dubbed Pursway Connect, borrows machine-learning technology from anti-terrorism systems to scan and identify patterns while analyzing billions of pieces of data from open sources.

Sony Corporation of America is an early tester of the platform, and its vp of marketing, Steven Fuld, said the program is helping the electronics giant drive better conversion rates. 

"Pursway has a unique social graph that allows us to reach prospects with strong, real-life relationships with our customers," Fuld explained.

Indeed, Pursway and Sony assert that the program can segment influencers' actual, real-life friends—not just social media ones. 

The system canvasses some 150 million consumers in the United States to suss out customers who share their shopping-based messages with friends and families via social networks. Once brands upload a target audience, they can employ it for their direct marketing endeavor.

Pursway says it plans to expand its Connect program to include online and mobile advertising. The company, with headquarters in Israel and Waltham, Mass., raised $7.2 million in funding in October 2013.

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