Sony Gives Mylo a Facelift

Sony has updated its Mylo Personal Communicator with some key features, including a built-in camera, microphone and speaker. Mylo 2 is also slightly bigger than the original and boasts a bigger 3.5-inch screen, the New York Times reports.

Sony_Mylo.jpgMarketed as a communications device rather than as a cell phone or portable media player, the Mylo has both a touch-screen and a keyboard, Wi-Fi, Skype and support for a number of IM clients including Yahoo, AOL and Skype.

According to the Times, Sony is also offering Wayport hotspot access for the next two years with the new Mylo, which gives users Wi-Fi access at some 9,000 McDonald’s and more than 600 hotels.

Pricing for the handy little communicator starts at $299.99.