Sony Ericsson, AT&T Introduce New Walkman Cell Phone

Apple may have stolen the portable music market from Sony, but Sony Ericsson is keeping the Walkman brand alive with its latest handset, the W760a. RCR Wireless News reports that the device features integration between the music-centric phone and the carrier’s array of music services, including Napster Mobile, eMusic Mobile, Music ID and XM Radio. It also includes a 3.2-megapixel camera and comes in three colors: red, black, and silver.

Interestingly, the handset also features accelerometers to allow users to shake the device to forward to the next track in a playlist or use the motion-sensitivity for gaming—similar to what you can do with the latest batch of 4G iPod Nano and 2G iPod Touch devices. AT&T Mobility sells the 3G-capable W760a alongside two other Walkman-branded Sony Ericsson phones.

Unfortunately, as a GSM-centric handset vendor, Sony Ericsson still only sells devices that work on just two of the four major carriers here in the U.S. (AT&T and T-Mobile), as the report pointed out.