Sonic Jump Fever launches on iOS, Android

After announcing the game at E3 in June, SEGA Networks has released Sonic Jump Fever on iOS and Android devices. Developed by Hardlight Studios, the game is based on the 2012 title Sonic Jump, but offers an experience with an increased “sense of urgency.” In each round of the vertical jumping game, users tilt their device to guide Sonic, Knuckles and other characters ever higher into the sky, bouncing off of platforms and enemies while collecting rings and earning points.

Sonic-Jump-Fever-01-iPhone5Sonic Jump Fever sees users avoiding rotating saw blades, moving enemies and other obstacles in a single environment, which changes every few days (like the jungle or Green Hill Zone). Bouncing mushrooms and other platforms help players jump higher than a single jump might normally allow, while players can tap on the screen to double-jump a larger vertical distance. Each game is timed, and filled with animals trapped in cages that can be rescued by hitting them. This timed element, mixed with so many objects on the screen at once, creates a visual frenzy during gameplay.

Players can hit totems to increase their points combo, making rings worth more going forward, while TVs contain power-ups like shields. The game isn’t endless. Instead, players earn as many points as possible before time runs out, in the hopes of seeing their high score climb to the top of their friends leaderboard.

Players can spend their free gold rings on upgrades for their characters (starting with Tails). For instance, the magnet and shield powers can be upgraded to last longer. Each purchased upgrade fills the overall “Fever Level” bar, which increases the amount of time Fever mode lasts when activated. This Fever mode sees the entire game transformed into hyper speed. Obstacles are removed for a limited time, and players focus solely on collecting rings at a super fast rate.

As a free-to-play experience, Sonic Jump Fever is supported via available in-app purchases and ads. Premium currency can be used to unlock new characters instantly, rather than waiting to unlock them over time. Premium power-ups are also available, like a power-up doubler, which increases the number of bonuses received when hitting a single TV.

“Sonic Jump Fever™ adds the perfect mix of competition and urgency to the already fun formula of Sonic Jump™,” said Chris Southall, Hardlight Studio Director. “Sonic games have always given players a chance to tackle levels a little bit faster and better each time – grabbing that one extra ring to improve their score. Now, it’s not just their own personal best they’ll be competing against, but all of their friends’ as well.”

Sonic Jump Fever is available to download for free on iOS and Google Play.