Sometrics Releases New Shopping Rewards Service For Social Games

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How does an effective CPM of $700 sound to you? That’s what Sometrics is claiming to provide on average to developers who use the company’s existing solutions, the latest of which is a “‘Shop & Earn’ In-Game Shopping Feed”. Users earn in-game currency by shopping at online retailers from around the web. This is not the first time we’ve seen such monetization models. Offerpal, for example, recently released a new shopping rewards program which competes directly with Sometrics new service (pictured below).

Social games are increasingly the best type of application in terms of revenue generation. Sticky games result in a large number of users completing offers as well as purchasing in-game virtual currency. As the social games space explodes, so does the types on monetization solutions. While many types of offers have been criticized for being unethical, many organizations are taking a stand against shady solutions.

Trialpay, for example, released a new whitepaper today which highlights some of the best offer practices which generate the most value for consumers. Other companies released their own standards over the past few months. The online shopping rewards appears to be the most legitimate solution to date from offer providers, which means we’ll most likely continue to see growth in the shopping rewards space.

Sometrics has been around since the Facebook platform first launched, initially providing metrics solutions for developers. Since then, the company has shifted to provide full service offerings which include metrics as well as monetization solutions. It will be interesting to watch

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