Sometimes, A Little Confinement Doesn’t Have To Be The Worst Ever

Tiny Spaces for Tiny Living


We’re not homeless anymore, but our recent spate of couch-surfing has left us with a new appreciation of the finer things, like semi-regular showers…or a bed. But while we’re practically swimming in the palatial grandeur of our EV walkup, not everyone’s got it so good. We found we couldn’t quite hack this whole cohabitation thing, but according to today’s Daily Candy missive, maybe it was just us.

Gretchen Broussard and Roee Dori feel our pain: They spent nine months of their married life sharing a one-room, 200-square-foot space with a rabbit named God.

Delusions of lapine grandeur aside, they’re onto something with Tiny Living, a new store full of “space-saving, multipurpose items” that

fold up, screw in, and pop out

Just how we like our, um, furniture.