Some MacBooks (2011-Pro, 2010-Air) Get OS X Supplemental Update to Fix System Hangs

MacRumors reported that Apple released a supplemental update for the MacBook Air (late 2010) 13-inch model to fix a freezing problem associated with using iTunes on the Air 13.

Apple Issues Software Update Addressing System Hanging on 13-inch MacBook Air

The update specifically targets the 13-inch model. I do not see any update from Apple for the MacBook Air (late 2010) 11-inch model I use. Apple’s support notes provide a different picture for this update, however.

Mac OS X v.10.6.7 Update

The first note (linked above) says that the update is for the MacBook Pro Early 2011 notebook (no mention of the Air) and says its deals with Back to My Mac, file transfers to SMB serverse, and Mac App Store bugs.

About the Mac OS X v10.6.7 Update

The more detailed “About” page (linked above) notes improving MacBook Air (mid-2010) performance improvements among the long list of “additional improvements”.