SocialReach Makes A Comeback Is Still Down One Day After Being Shut Down

We’ve now received multiple reports that SocialReach advertisements are now being displayed across Facebook applications once again. This is just one day after they were shut down for violating the terms of service. As “The Harmony Guy” posts in our comments, “The ads are a bit modified to placate some of Facebook’s concerns, but on the backend, SocialReach ads are still requesting detailed user information with the session information of the application hosting the ads.”

We have no word about whether or not SocialHour is back but it’s clear the down time was a temporary thing. One thing is becoming clear: Facebook is a bit conflicted about what to allow on the platform and which terms to enforce. Arbitrarily enforcing platform terms is not the best way for Facebook to proceed. If they are going to enforce the terms they need to draw a firm line and have a three strikes and you’re out policy. See update below.

A few commenters yesterday claimed that the disabling of SocialReach and SocialHour would substantially impact Facebook for the worse. Not only would it remove hundreds of millions in revenue but application developers would not be able to reach internal projections. Dan posted a comment stating that, “We are in the middle of a recession and any attempt at negatively impacting the online world is truly an attack on the growth of our platform. I understand you think you are making a positive difference, but think about the number of jobs, revenue and pain you just caused numerous companies.”

Such an argument is absolutely ludicrous as far as I’m concerned. Yes, developers will generate less revenue but preying on ignorant consumers is not the most legitimate business model. Does anybody believe that venture capitalists are investing in developers’ ability to monetize applications through questionable activities? If they are then they aren’t a legitimate venture capitalist. Investors invest in companies that will eventually develop sustainable business models and this sort of monetization strategy is not sustainable.

I have yet to see the latest SocialReach advertisements so I can’t comment on what the ads are promoting and whether or not they’ve substantially modified their creative. Most developers know about the company’s extremely aggressive strategies that regularly push the limits of the terms (if not violate them). Have you seen the latest iteration of the advertisements?

SocialReach just contacted us to let us know that none of the advertisements in circulation are not from their site and if there are any “SocialReach” ads, they’ve been illegally placed. The company says they are still removed from the platform.

Update 2
SocialReach just spoke with us to notify us that Social Cash is serving up similar ads which are confusing many users. Honestly it appears to be a finger pointing game at this point. Social Cash however prefers to differentiate themselves by stating that they follow Facebook’s terms. This contrasts many of the extremely questionable activities other ad networks were participating in.

While we don’t currently have a position regarding Social Cash’s activities on a technical level since we haven’t analyzed them thoroughly enough, I’ve personally stated on numerous instances that ad networks which serve up deceitful mobile ads are unethical in my book, period.

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