Socialize West — Learn to Profit Using Social Media with OMGPOP, Atari, IMVU and More

In case you didn’t hear, our mediabistro network recently joined forces with the Inside Network, and since then we’ve all been working hard to create the leading network of social media news on the web.  In addition to that, we’ve been working hard to power up our conferences, and I’m happy to say that the upcoming Socialize West in San Francisco is really going to have a massive number of experts and professionals, delivering the goods on how they make money using social media. It sounds simple, but it’s not.  Optimization, retention and engagement are the keys in this still emerging space, and I strongly recommend you hit up Socialize to meet up with us and find out how to leverage this space to make money.

Here is the official description of the event.  Sign up for your early-bird discounts now, and come follow/message me on Twitter if you want some more info about the show!

Make money through social media

Following the overwhelming success of the inaugural event in New York, Socialize West unites business leaders in gaming, virtual goods, mobile, marketing, and media for two days of learning, connecting, and sharing about all things social. Attendees come to Socialize for the real-world insight that our unique blend of industry heavyweights, business visionaries and results-oriented practitioners bring to the table.  Through two days of comprehensive sessions, focused discussion and diverse perspectives, you’ll learn how all the social media pieces fit together to create a unified business strategy.


Customize your experience.

Offering four core themes, Socialize gives attendees plenty of options. Choose the tracks most appropriate to your company’s business objectives, tactics, or channel activities:

  • Gamify. Social games keep getting hotter: the virtual goods market will surpass $2 billion in 2011
  • Mobilize. The social web has gone mobile: lessons for social sharing, search, browsing, and networking
  • Optimize. Learn how to effectively track and measure social media campaigns
  • Monetize. At the root of all these topics, uncover key revenue drivers: content, apps, and more


Socialize is about results.

This event delivers up-to-the-minute social media techniques, methods, and processes to teach you how to successfully enable customer-facing revenue generation strategies that tap the power of social media when you return to your office. Socialize is designed to educate individuals whose firms are just beginning to conquer social media as well as corporations who wish to enhance their social media presence and expand their campaigns. Building cost-effective engagement models with measurable ROI is what Socialize is all about.