Socialcam Takes Lead in ‘Instagram for Video’ Race

Socialcam has rocketed to second place on AppData’s Top Free App leaderboard, displacing its competitor, Viddy. In the App Store, Social Cam highlights a blurb describing the app as “Instagram for Video.”

The Socialcam app lets you quickly upload video from your iPhone (without a 15-second restriction, like Viddy), adding filters that can make your video look like a black & white film or a scene from Tron or a Super 8 home movie. You can also add music and themes that range from Action to Reporter to MTV to Country. TechCrunch has more about the battle between two popular video apps:

Socialcam still has just three full-time employees, compared to Viddy’s twenty-some, though Seibel tells me his company is looking to hire “aggressively” in the weeks ahead. Viddy has raised $6 million in Series A funding and is said to be in the process of raising some $30 more at a sky-high $370 million valuation. Socialcam, again, is staying mum on its exact funding numbers.