The Most Social Universities In Canada [INFOGRAPHIC]

The Most Social Universities In Canada [INFOGRAPHIC]

University is a social experience for students. Residence life, on-campus bars, parties and fundraisers make for a very social time between classes. But how effective are universities at bringing this social experience to social media?

MediaMiser took a look at universities across Canada and compared their use of social media to see which schools have the most influence.

When it comes to Twitter, there are some very active universities in the Great White North.

McGill, a Montreal-based school, has over 32,000 followers, followed by the University of Western Ontario at just under 30,000 and the University of Calgary with 27,600.

Western sees the most influence from each of their retweets. But the University of Toronto trumps the others if looking at the reach of retweets they receive.

Take a look at the infographic below for a breakdown of the top social universities in Canada:


(Infographic via MediaMiser; tablet in classroom image via Shutterstock)