How Are Employees Wasting Time At Work? (Hint: It’s Not Twitter And Facebook) [INFOGRAPHIC]

A new study has revealed that just 5 percent of employees list Facebook, Twitter and other social media accounts as their biggest cause of wasted time in the office.

Sure, this likely flies in the face of what many bosses think, and what workers say they do and what they actually do are often worlds apart, but let’s take this at face value. Indeed, you might get more on-side when I reveal the winner. Because according to a survey of 300 employees who use computers as part of their daily job, the single biggest cause of time wasting in the office is good, old-fashioned gossiping.

Yep. Chatting with co-workers rated as office time-suckage sin numero uno, with 14 percent guilty of this vocational transgression, which was good enough to finish ahead of computer glitches (11 percent) and meetings (11 percent).

(Of note: it’s curious and perhaps enlightening that internet surfing finished fourth and separate/standalone from social media.)

This, and other anti-productivity data, can be seen in the infographic below.

(Source: TrackVia. Procrastination image via Shutterstock.)