Social Search Engine Scour Gets More Personal

Remember the social search engine called we covered not so long ago? Or are you still using it since then? Well, latest news coming from Scour is that it is introducing some new personalization features that will allow you to customize your Scour search experience including the ability to track your friends’ comments as well as connecting with other search on the Scour network.

If you would recall, was launched as a meta search engine that gathers search results from Google, Yahoo and MSN and then present these results in one search results page. But one important aspect of is the fact that it promises to pay you for using its search engine. Aside from searching, you’ll also receive rewards via VISA gift cards for voting and commenting on search results.

The new features being introduced by includes:

  • Tell A Friend – Invite a friend to Scour individually
  • Invite your social network / Social book-marking friends to Scour with new social invite footer
  • Scour Friends Feed – Keep track of your Scour Friends and see what they are commenting on
  • Connect with other Scour searchers and grow your friend network
  • Recent Profile Visits Monitor – See who is viewing your profile
  • Add an image to your profile
  • Track all of the comments you leave on Scour – Sort by a timeline
  • New Cash Out Interface – Allows users to redeem points directly through their user administration
  • Ability to customize the relevancy weights of each search engine that you use on Scour
  • Edit the number of results returned from each engine to best match your personal searching preference
  • Select settings for your privacy level
  • Obtain your invite link and referral banners
  • Send a message to friends in your network
  • Check your Scour messages
  • Set message settings to notify you by email when a friend messages you, when someone replies to your comments and for Scour alerts

Scour pays registered users $25 VISA reward for every 6500 points you’ve managed to accumulate. If that incentive is not enough to make you use as your search engine, I guess those new features might make you do so.