Twitter Widens Gap On Facebook (But Pinterest Is On The Rise) In Monthly Media Coverage [STUDY]

Last December we looked at research that showed how Twitter received more media coverage than any other social network in 2011, receiving approximately 50 percent of all media coverage of social networks throughout the year. Facebook was a close second at 45 percent, with LinkedIn (3.33 percent) a very distant third.

But has this trend continued into the first quarter of 2012, or is Twitter’s lofty position under threat from Facebook, and other, rising social platforms such as Pinterest?

The short answer: no. In fact, Twitter has widened the gap.

Highbeam Research have updated their quarterly social media index, and according to the latest data Twitter commanded some 55.17 percent of total media attention in Q1 2012, moving further ahead of second-placed Facebook, which fell to 41.18 percent. LinkedIn also dipped, registering just 2.23 percent overall.

While flavour-of-the-month Pinterest saw just 0.36 percent of media attention for the first quarter of the year, the platform has risen each month since January, and ranked above MySpace, and only marginally behind Foursquare, in March of this year.

Twitter is down around three quarters of a percentage point since January, and it’s possible that some of this coverage has been soaked up by the attention now being given to Pinterest, small as it is, at least relatively. Pinterest is up around half a percentage point since the beginning of the year. Still, this modest blip aside, Twitter should maintain its lead throughout 2012, although the upcoming Facebook IPO will generate a lot of column inches for Mark Zuckerberg’s beast, and could be enough to push it over the top.

(Source: Highbeam Research.)