Social networking with people you like via MyTrybe

There are niche social networks which let you meet people who share the same interest that you have. And they are kinda cool as it eliminates the need to think of ways to reach out to them because you already have something in common to talk about. But wouldn’t it be cooler if you can only network with people that you really like? Something like a “taste social networking?” MyTrybe will let you do just like that.

MyTrybe is new social network that lets you connect to people who share your taste and the thing you love. This new social network is based on the so called taste networking. It lets you build a network of people which you call your “Trybe” which is composed of the most similar people to you in the whole of the MyTrybe community.

How it Works?

When you register to MyTrybe, it will ask you some basic question that would help the site identify your Taste. Then as you go along exploring the MyTrybe community, and participating on online activities such as rating links and suggesting your own links, MyTrybe continues to analyze your “tastes” to come up with suggestions for other members that share your interests.

So with MyTrybe you are practically building a social network not just of random individuals but of well selected one based on your preferences. It ensures that your social networking experience would not only be fun but fruitful as well.

MyTrybe is currently in beta stage, but you can already create your account and start social networking with like-minded people that you choose.

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