Social Networking plus Online Shopping equals Goosca

goosca_logo.jpgAgain, let me just say first that for whatever its worth, Goosca’s logo is another cool and clever one. Gosca stands for “Gifts Online Ordering System for Confidential Addresses”. Don’t ask why would you not want to divulge your address to someone your sending gifts to for I myself don’t know why. Anyway, Goosca is another entrant to the already crowded social shopping niche. But whereas other online shopping site only allows you to do your usual social networking stuff, Goosca extends this further by adding actual inventory of products which members can actually shop for.

From it’s tagline, Goosca lets you do social networking with others and receive gifts from others without revealing your address. Those two statements clearly state what Goosca is all about. Social networking and online shopping.

Goosca, aside from offering the usual social networking features also features a shop where you can purchase lingerie, jewelry piece among other gift items. It also offers a delivery service for those gifts.

By allowing members to send gifts without divulging their names to the recipient of the gifts. Goosca in one way can also be categorized as a dating service. So we now have 3 web service rolled into one.

Goosca has just launched this month, and the site definitely has a lot more room for improvement. The most crucial thing that they should give a careful consideration is the reliability of their online shopping services, including the quality of product that they are going to sell.

Certainly, anybody has the right into any social networking niche, no matter how crowded those niches are. For that, we might as well give Goosca a chance, and even perhaps a try. Registration is free, but shopping is not.