Social Network Downtime Study Shows Facebook’s Reliability Improved as 2008 Progressed

Pingdom has just published the results of their Social Network Downtime in 2008 study, and here are the results:

  • Facebook’s uptime was 99.92% in 2008 – it was down for only 7.2 hours throughout the year.
  • This placed Facebook 5th in Pingdom’s ranking of the top 15 social networks by uptime.
  • Facebook didn’t have any single continuous outage lasting longer than 25 minutes in 2008.

In addition, nearly 70% of Facebook’s total 2008 downtime occurred in the first half of the year. The site was only down for 2.3 hours during the last six months of 2008.

Tests were performed from multiple test sites in both North America and Europe. However, Pingdom’s methodology only loaded the home page for each site without logging in – so it didn’t catch downtime that could only be detected through user interaction.

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