Social Media’s Influence on the Sports World [Infographic]

Being able to actually tell your favorite player that you are amazed by their strengths is a dream for fans.  Instead of raving to strangers at the latest bar, social media services like Twitter are letting an increasing number of sports fans talk with the world at large, and connect with other super fans.  Ideas like Twitter hashtags make it easy to rally around a team or player and discuss his/her performance.  A new infographic looks at the new social media sports world.

The infographic is brought to you by KT Tape, and contains some awesome tidbits about social media.  For instance, an NFL wide receiver who’s last name sounds like Orinoco was fined $25,000 for using Twitter during a preseason game.  Tim Tebow holds the record for most tweets per second after his hail mary touchdown pass last year.  The athlete with the most Twitter followers is a soccer player.

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