The World Of Social Media [VIDEOGRAPHIC]

Sometimes it seems that every time you look social media has set another benchmark.

For example, while you may know that Facebook has passed Google as the most-visited website on the internet, were you aware that there are now more Facebook users than motor vehicles?

Did you know that Twitter’s tweets per second record (TPS) is 8,900 tweets, set when Beyonce Knowles made her pregnancy announcement at this year’s MTV Video Music Awards?

And had you heard that last year YouTube registered 700 billion video playbacks?

This and more can be found in this videographic from the appropriately-named Video Infographs.

Other morsels of goodness include:

  • 3,500 photos are uploaded each second on Flickr
  • Smartphone owners are twice more active on social media than non-smartphone owners (especially as 60 percent do so from the bathroom)
  • Ferrari sold 5,329 cars in 2010, but have accumulated a thousand times that many fans on Facebook

(Source: Video Infographs.)