Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest: The Users Of Social Media

It’s sometimes tough to keep up with the daily growing user numbers of our favorite social networks. How many people are on Facebook now? And how many users does Pinterest have? What about the number of women on Twitter?

This infographic from Go-Gulf.com shares the latest facts and figures about the users of the top social media sites.

When it comes to sheer numbers, Facebook has all the other networks beat. Its 901 million users – set to hit a billion this summer – far surpass Twitter’s second-place user count of 555 million registered.

Twitter also comes in second place after Facebook when it comes to monthly visits, with 182 million. But what’s really shocking is Pinterest – the newest visual network on the block – boasting 104.4 million monthly visits, above Google+ and LinkedIn.

And, perhaps even more shocking, Pinterest is tied with Facebook for first place in terms of how long people spend on the site each month. The average social networker spends 405 minutes on both Facebook and Pinterest (and 89 minutes on Twitter).

The infographic is packed with other, up-to-date facts about social media users that you can explore below:

(Infographic via Go-Gulf.com; Crowd image via Shutterstock)