Some Users Will Stop Doing Anything To Check Twitter, Facebook… Even If They’re Having Sex [STUDY]

Social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook have rapidly integrated themselves into our everyday lives, with laptops and especially smartphones allowing anyone to read and publish status updates when and wherever they like.

But there have to be limits, right? Some boundaries?

Apparently not, as a new study has revealed that some people will stop doing almost anything to respond to that all-important tweet… even if they’re having sex.

Sydney-based social media marketing company Tick Yes surveyed 885 Australians about their social media habits, and the results are, to say the least, interesting, particularly when it comes to when and where they access social networking sites.

  • 51.6% access social media at work
  • 41.9% while watching TV
  • 34% on holiday
  • 33.8% in bed
  • 23.3% during meals
  • 14.8% while shopping
  • 21.5% in the bathroom
  • 3.2% in a place of worship
  • 2.8% (64% of them men) ‘during intimate moments’

Let’s just hope they wash their hands. And use some kind of screen protector. And how would you feel if you were the other person?

“Sorry, honey, can you stop for a second? Just gotta check this quickly…”

Other key takeaways from the report:

  • 25.1% use social media for business networking, with men almost as twice as likely as women to network this way
  • 20.28% use social media to connect with brands. 56% of those people are women, with most aged in their 20s and 30s
  • 48.2% use social media to talk about a new purchase (56% of them women)
  • 25.5% have used social media to contact a company for customer service or to ask a question
  • 48.7% of people say their social media usage has increased in the last year
  • 4.9% of people admit to being ‘addicted’ to social media, while 31.3% spend at least two hours a day on it
  • 47.3% access social media through mobile technology

“The survey confirms a number of things,” said Peter Applebaum, Tick Yes Managing Director. “We weren’t surprised that Facebook is far and away the most popular social media site, nor that almost half of those surveyed said that their social media usage has increased in the last year. But what did raise a few eyebrows is the extent to which Australians will stop what they’re doing – however enjoyable it may be – to respond to a tweet or post or update.”


(Source: Tick Yes. Main image credit: Karlova Irina via Shutterstock.)