Social Media Monitoring And Sentiment Analysis For ‘Socially Intelligent Organizations’ [VIDEO]

Is your business “socially intelligent?”

If you’re not monitoring social media in a way that goes beyond @mentions, the answer is no. And even if you’re doing THAT, you’re probably not at the top of your game when it comes to sentiment analysis.

But these folks are. And fortunately for you, they’re offering their services.

NUVI is a real-time analytics platform focused on social media listening, engagement, and reporting. It offers a web-based platform that makes social conversations actionable and insightful, using elegant dashboards and unique visualizations.

The reports include text explanations and color-coded charts detailing volume, sentiment, influencers, location, and virality of mentions. And its reports aren’t only viewable, you can print them out.

Many organizations add NUVI’s social media monitoring reports to their press release distribution to track an announcement’s impact “by analyzing social mentions and translating them into understandable, graphically rich summaries of activity over a set time frame.”

The “Social Snapshot” presents results in a concise format, focusing on the volume of mentions, the reach (total number of followers), spread (how often mentions are shared) and viral coefficient (the relationship between the two); along with information about key influencers.

The “Social Landscape” report analyzes a larger volume of data than the Social Snapshot report and also includes:

  • Positive and negative sentiment over time
  • A geographic map displaying where the conversation is most concentrated
  • A “word burst” feature that lets users know at a glance what is trending and what the majority of their followers are discussing and sharing

Overall, it offers a very slick, streamlined presentation. Check it out:

(Image from Shutterstock)