Facebook Vs Twitter – Which Social Network Is Best For PR? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Building a strong presence in social media can have enormously varied benefits for brands and businesses of all shapes and sizes across all industries, but these channels are particularly good for PR – which, of course, is exactly why so many PR agencies, fearing for their lives (and careers), have reinvented themselves as social media agencies, seemingly overnight.

But when it comes to the business of public relations, which is better – Facebook or Twitter?

This infographic from PRWeb matches Facebook and Twitter in a five-mile race to see who emerges as the social media PR champion. While Facebook takes an early lead, largely thanks to its audience size, Twitter, with its rapidly-growing user base, strong brand connectivity and position as the premier news and information-gathering network, sprints to the front in mile two and never looks back.

(Source: PRWeb. Megaphone image via Shutterstock.)