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Mark Zuckerberg: I Won’t Sell Facebook Shares for a Year (Mashable)
Some investors and Facebook insiders may be rushing to sell off their stock in the company, but at least one person plans to hold onto his shares for a while: Facebook CEO and co-founder Mark Zuckerberg. Facebook revealed in a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission on Tuesday that Zuckerberg has “no intention” to sell any of his Facebook shares for at least the next year. VentureBeat According to the document, Zuckerberg holds roughly 444 million shares of Class B common stock and an additional 60 million Class B shares issuable upon the exercise of an option. All of those shares are staying put for the foreseeable future. Bloomberg Facebook shortened the lockup period for certain employees, so 234 million shares will now be available for sale on Oct. 29, instead of Nov. 14. After Tuesday’s amendment, and accounting for the shares that Zuckerberg won’t sell, the total number freed up for sale by insiders through November will shrink to 1.01 billion from 1.44 billion previously, according to the filing. AllFacebook The bad news related to Facebook stock continues to roll in, with analysts for two of the social network’s largest underwriters, Morgan Stanley and J.P. Morgan, lowering their price targets, according to reports. The Wall Street Journal reported that Morgan Stanley Analyst Scott Devitt dropped his price target for Facebook for the next 12 months from $38 per share to $32, warning that it could drop to as low as $17 per share. CNNMoney Zuckerberg will take the stage at this month’s TechCrunch Disrupt conference to make his first public appearance since the company’s tumultuous debut in May. Zuckerberg’s interview will take place on Sept. 11 in San Francisco.

Apple’s Sept. 12 iPhone 5 Event: What to Expect (CNET)
Apple has officially announced a Sept. 12 press event in San Francisco, confirming months of rumors. And the invitation leaves little doubt that the event will be the rollout of the iPhone 5. The Huffington Post In the rendered shadow of the invite’s graphics, you can make out the number 5, a play on the fact that tech writers and bloggers have been calling this device the “iPhone 5” for about 18 months. Now that we know that the event is Sept. 12, it follows that the release to consumers will come a week or so afterwards. Apple Insider The new iPhone is expected to be a completely redesigned handset with a larger four-inch screen. Numerous leaked parts have shown a device with a slightly taller display, as well as a two-toned metal back.

Automattic Launches its Own Liveblog Plugin for WordPress (TechCrunch)
It looks like CoverItLive and other liveblogging services have some fresh competition from Automattic, the company that runs the commercial side of WordPress. Automattic just released version 1.0 of its Liveblog plugin for VIP customers

Backers Better Beware: Kickstarter Says No Refunds, No Way (BetaBeat)
A series of stumbles – dead jellyfish, burned sandals, iffy iPod docks – has Kickstarter backers wondering whether there’s any recourse when they bet on projects that just don’t pan on. Co-founders Perry Chen, Yancey Strickler and Charles Adler took to the company blog to clarify a few things, with a post titled “Accountability on Kickstarter.”

Twitter Co-founders Back Fake Meat Company (AllTwitter)
The guys from Obvious Corp. (aka Twitter co-founders Biz Stone and Evan Williams) are backing an interesting venture: Beyond Meat, a vege start-up “focused on perfectly replacing animal protein with plant protein where doing so creates nutritional value at lower cost.” Yum or yuck? Are you interested in plant-based “meat?”