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Study: Viewers Turning to YouTube as News Source (AP)
A new study by The Pew Research Center’s Project for Excellence in Journalism has found that YouTube is emerging as a major platform for news, one to which viewers increasingly turn for eyewitness videos in times of major events and natural disasters. NPR The center “examined 15 months’ worth of the most popular news videos on the site (January 2011 to March 2012) — some 260 videos in all — by identifying and tracking the five most-viewed videos each week located in the news and politics channel of YouTube, analyzing the nature of the video, the topics that were viewed most often, who produced them and who posted them.” The Washington Post The study found that YouTube has enabled tens of millions of people worldwide to follow news events such as the Japanese tsunami, Middle East unrest and the killing of Osama bin Laden by creating their own “on demand” news agenda, watching developments unfold where and when they determine. Some news videos remained heavily viewed on YouTube for weeks, long after traditional news sources had moved on to other subjects. The Verge Overall, the study found strong evidence for what it calls a “symbiotic relationship” on YouTube between citizens and news organizations. Both are creating content, both are re-distributing the other’s work, and both are adapting to the shift in paradigm. Nieman Journalism Lab YouTube’s reach in the journalism world extends beyond broadcast television, especially as more media organizations outside of television focus on video production. As far as YouTube is concerned, any format of news — be it breaking, spot, investigative, live, long-form documentary, etc. — can work on the site.

Facebook Snaps Up the Team Behind Content- Saving App Spool (VentureBeat)
Facebook announced this weekend that it has acquired the team behind Spool, which developed an app to save content for viewing later, similar to Instapaper and Pocket. In a blog post, Spool co-founder and CEO Avichal Garg said the company developed “some very sophisticated technology” to power its app. “We firmly believe that solving these problems will be increasingly important as the world accesses the Internet primarily through mobile devices,” he wrote. GigaOM At the surface, this seems like yet another acqua-hire, but scratch a little deeper and you start to understand Facebook’s motivation in buying this company. The app, however, hides a technology that is immensely useful for Facebook. The Next Web Another tool that we’ve covered before that has similar functionality, called Pocket, is offering up an import tool for those of you wondering what to do with your Spool archive. By visiting this page, you can sign up if you don’t have an account, and then upload your Spool file in seconds. AllFacebook The company is trying another way to get users to see more ads: rotating them. Normally, to see a new ad or new group of ads, you’d have to refresh the page or visit another page. Soon, the ads will swap in and out by themselves. Politico Amid reports last month that Facebook could soon permit access for the 12-and-under set, Reps. Ed Markey, D-Mass., and Joe Barton, R-Texas, asked Facebook for more information about the data the social network could someday collect from kids and whether it would be used for ads or shared with third parties. But Facebook has avoided spelling out any of its plans.

Twitter is Testing ‘Non-Organic’ Ads (AllTwitter)
Rumor has it that Twitter is testing out a new promoted tweet format that would no longer require advertisers to first send the soon-to-be promoted tweet from their Twitter accounts before marking it as an ad. Twitter has been adamant in the past about creating an “organic” experience for its users. And part of this was ensuring that advertisers we actually part of the Twitter community, not just big billboards.

With Sights Set on Engagement, LinkedIn Today Launches More Social Features (AllThingsD)
LinkedIn on Friday debuted two new social features for its LinkedIn Today product, the aggregation tool which presents the top news stories being shared across the LinkedIn network. You’re able to comment on and “like” top LinkedIn Today stories, and a “Trending in Your Network” section is now on the right side of the page.

Crowdtilt Becomes Reddit’s Official Fundraising Partner (The Daily Dot)
Famous for sudden and sometimes astonishing acts of charity, Reddit is about to supercharge its crowdfunding powers, thanks to a special deal with Crowdtilt. The goal is to make donations simple, fast, and safe, Erik Martin, Reddit’s general manager, told The Daily Dot.

One Number Will Tell You Why Audi Beats Mercedes … and if Your Social Media Marketing is Working (VentureBeat)
It’s not fan count. Not the number of retweets per week, or how many likes you received. Nor is it the number of times someone has clicked the +1 button on your site. All of those are important, but they’re not the numbers that reveal why Audi, with 2 million fewer fans than Mercedes, generates 15 percent more social interaction.

Three Lessons From Changing Jobs (CNET)
Sree Sreenivasan, Columbia University’s first chief digital officer, shares lessons after the first week in his new position, including, social media makes it almost impossible to say “thanks,” and changing jobs means you have to update your information across many platforms.

Charlie Sheen Quits Twitter (New York Daily News)
Charlie Sheen is closing out one very infamous part of his public persona. The outspoken “Anger Management” actor officially signed off from Twitter Thursday after more than a year’s worth of coining quotable phrases and unleashing head-scratching outbursts online.

Why Analytics Matter to Small Businesses (Mashable)
Booz and Company conducted an in-depth study with Buddy Media of social media’s marketing impact on small businesses and found that most businesses were not utilizing tools and services properly. Most small businesses are either still understanding their social scale or stuck between engagement and advocacy.

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