Social Media Newsfeed: YouTube Anti-Muslim Film | Facebook Ad Campaigns

Court orders Google to remove anti-Muslim film. Facebook adds new level to advertising campaigns. These stories, and more, in today's Morning Social Media Newsfeed.

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YouTube-Logo-150x150Google Ordered to Remove Anti-Muslim Film from YouTube (CNN)
Google must remove the inflammatory film “The Innocence of Muslims” from, a federal appeals court ordered Wednesday. The film had been connected to violent demonstrations in several countries. The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals reversed a district court’s earlier denial of an injunction that would require taking the film down. The Huffington Post A divided three-judge panel said the YouTube posting infringed actress Cindy Lee Garcia’s copyright to her role in the film. Garcia said she was duped into appearing in the film by the man behind it, Mark Basseley Youssef. TIME Google had previously declined to take the 14-minute Youtube video down, despite calls for its removal from the White House. “Garcia’s performance was used in a way that she found abhorrent and her appearance in the film subjected her to threats of physical harm and even death,” Chief Judge Alex Kozinski wrote for the majority court. “Despite these harms, and despite Garcia’s viable copyright claim, Google refused to remove the film from YouTube.” San Francisco Chronicle Dissenting Judge N. Randy Smith said Garcia has no rights over a film made by others and failed to show how she would be harmed by continued airing of the video. Garcia, in a statement released by her lawyers, said she was grateful that the court recognized “the real danger that I have been in since YouTube posted that hateful film.” ABC News/AP For Google, the ruling represents a nettlesome issue if allowed to stand. The company fears that bit players and extras appearing in popular clips will now be emboldened to send takedown notices to YouTube unless settlements can be reached with the filmmakers.

Facebook To Begin Rolling Out New Ad Campaign Structure March 4 (AllFacebook)
The overhaul of Facebook’s ad campaign structure, originally announced last November, will begin rolling out March 4, with the major change being the addition of a new level, ad sets, which will be placed between the two existing layers, campaigns and ads. The social network said in a post on the Facebook for Business page that the new campaign structure will be incorporated into all ad interfaces — the ads create tool, Ads Manager, Power Editor and Preferred Marketing Developers’ third-party ad interfaces — starting March 4.

Talking Tech at Social Media Week NYC (SocialTimes)
SocialTimes was busy mingling at Social Media Week in New York last week and caught up with some people who were behind the conference. We chatted with Toby Daniels, CEO and co-founder of the event, and Jordan Roth, CEO of Culturalist, which provided Wi-Fi for the event.

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Cards Hopeful Carlos Martinez Learns (ESPN)
St. Louis Cardinals pitcher Carlos Martinez was taught a valuable lesson just two weeks into spring training: Watch your step on social media. Martinez, a 22-year-old right-hander who is vying for a spot in the team’s rotation, found himself in the middle of a Twitter firestorm this week after pornographic photos and links on his “favorites” page were discovered throughout his account.

The BBC is the Most Popular UK News Outlet on Twitter [Study] (AllTwitter)
Speaking of Twitter, where do you get your news? If you answered the BBC, you’re not alone – a new study shows that content from the BBC was shared over 4.2 million times by Twitter users in the UK.

Google+ for Android Gets Photo Editing Across Devices, One View for All Photos, New Filters and Creative Tools (The Next Web)
Google Wednesday updated Google+ for Android with a slew of new features focused just on photos. First and foremost, the app now features non-destructive photo editing across devices.

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Sec. of State John Kerry to Andrea Mitchell: Staff ‘Extremely Nervous’ About Twitter Return (LostRemote)
Appearing on MSNBC’s “Andrea Mitchell Reports” this afternoon, Secretary of State John Kerry talked about his return to Twitter after an almost year absence. “My staff is extremely nervous, but that’s alright,” Kerry said.

Bill de Blasio Tweets Spectacular Dad Joke About Facebook (BetaBeat)
In a move that surely induced cringes in teens and twenty-somethings the world over, Bill de Blasio tweeted a profoundly corny dad joke about Facebook. The missive was deployed at 8:58 p.m. and was both topical and punny.

This Woman is Live-Tweeting Her Father’s Death (Business Insider)
Laurie Kilmartin’s father is going to pass away soon. Diagnosed with lung cancer, Mr. Kilmartin was admitted to hospice on Feb. 20. Laurie, a comedian and finalist on Last Comic Standing, has been live-tweeting her experience watching her dad die before her eyes.

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