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Twitter Co-Founder Jack Dorsey’s Role ‘Reduced’ Over Co-Worker Difficulties [REPORT] (Mashable)
The role of Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey, who returned to the company as executive chairman after a two-and-a-half-year hiatus from day-to-day operations, has been “reduced” after co-workers complained he was “difficult to work with” and “repeatedly changed his mind about product directions.” Although he is still involved in strategic decisions as executive chairman, no one directly reports to him anymore. AllTwitter Dorsey, of course, is also founder of Square, and, at the time, pledged to continue his prominent role at both companies. Not anymore. The New York Times Dorsey declined to comment on how people feel about working with him. But, in a statement, he said he considered Twitter CEO Dick Costolo to be one of Twitter’s founders. “He’s had a dramatic impact on the company and the culture,” Dorsey said. “He’s questioned everything we started with and made it better.” WebProNews Twitter has launched (without any formal announcement) a new profile directory, which will allow you to browse through Twitter users in alphabetical order. Some accounts do seem to be missing, however. AllThingsD The social network has scooped up Mike Davidson as the vice president of design — a newly created position — according to a recent post on Davidson’s personal blog. Before joining the company, he was CEO and founder of Newsvine, a collaborative journalism Web site acquired by NBC News in 2007.

Court Decides if Employer or Employee Owns LinkedIn Account (SocialTimes)
If you use a LinkedIn account to promote your business, can the business claim the account belongs to it? That’s one of the issues at stake in a legal dispute between Linda Eagle and her former employer, Edcomm. Silicon Valley/San Jose Business Journal A judge dismissed Eagle’s claims that her former employer violated the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act when it took control of her LinkedIn account after she had been let go. Eagle had been head of Edcomm, a banking training company, when it was acquired by Pennsylvania Trust Co. in 2010. ars technica The obvious lesson of this incident is employers and employees should be sure to establish, in writing, whether a social media account is a personal account or belongs to the employer. And if you have a personal account, it can be risky to share the password with co-workers.

Facebook Pitches New $20 Million ‘Sponsored Stories’ Settlement (Reuters)
Facebook has proposed a revised $20 million settlement in a class action lawsuit accusing it of violating the rights of users through its “Sponsored Stories” advertising feature after a U.S. judge rejected an earlier accord. The new settlement agreement, filed Saturday in U.S. District Court in San Francisco, Calif., drops provisions setting aside up to $10 million for plaintiffs lawyers’ fees and allows users to apply for a cash payment of up to $10 each.

Tumblr App Promises to Reveal Your ‘Stalkers,’ Posts Spam Instead (The Daily Dot)
A Tumblr spam application is tricking users into giving it access to their blogs by promising users they can find out who’s viewing their sites. ProfileStalkr requires users to give it “read and write” access using Tumblr’s application access settings, but once the application has access, it begins to randomly post survey spam to their accounts.

Zynga Teases New ‘CityVille 2’ Amid Company Struggle (CNET)
Social games creator Zynga promises a more “visually rich game” with “CityVille 2,” which was released Monday to specific players for testing. “It has all the features in CityVille that players love — from neighbor visits and crews to buildables — blended with some of the innovations we introduced in CastleVille and FarmVille 2 such as crafting and 3D graphics,” according to a blog post by the company.

YouTube Wants You to Tell on Publishers Without Closed Captions (GigaOM)
Found a broadcast program on YouTube that doesn’t come with closed captions? Then you can now use a special complaints form to tell on the publisher, who should have supplied subtitles according to new regulations that came into effect earlier this month.

‘Ransomware’ Worm Spreading on Skype (TechCrunch)
According to multiple reports from security firms, as well as from a community forum thread on, the popular communications service is the latest target of a malicious online worm. “We strongly recommend upgrading to the newest Skype version and applying updated security features on your computer,” the company said in a statement.

Facebook Launches Collections, Allowing People to Buy Items Pictured (AllFacebook)
How many times have you seen a brand share an image of something that you’d like to buy? Facebook is taking a step toward closing that loop with Collections, allowing users to not only like, but collect, want or buy products that brands share through images on the social network.

More Facebook Users are on Android Than iOS, but Just Barely (The Next Web)
Everyone knows that Google’s Android operating system has a larger market share than Apple’s iOS market share. When it comes to Facebook users, however, the two mobile platforms aren’t quite as far apart as you’d think. Android is still ahead of iOS, but just barely.